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About Howden Benefits  
Is it getting harder and harder to keep up with the needs of employees and also to resolve queries?

We at Howden understand the importance of technology in today's business environment. Our goal is not to meet expectations but to exceed them in ways our clients have never experienced before. Creativity is the hallmark of our approach. We strive to develop innovative solutions to meet the demands of an ever changing employee benefit and Human Resources landscape.

From online enrollment to providing single window access to benefits, we help our clients leverage the right technologies to effectively deliver and manage growing complexities of their employee benefit program. In addition, we lessen our client's work load by providing benefits information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We do all this with one simple solution
About Howden Benefits
HowdenBenefits.com, our Self Service benefit web portal, gives our client and their employees the power, ease and flexibility to understand and appreciate their benefits. The site is 100% broker managed where we personalize with client logo and colors, upload and maintain. It is easily accessible to employees and their families from work or at home in a secure, easy to use benefits portal.
Howden Benefits for Employees
  • Present benefits information to employees and their families
  • Allow employees to upload official & personal information, view their coverage details, limits - exclusions, track enrollment status
  • Access to insurance plan description, provider information, benefits forms, claims status, hospital network, print e-cards in easy clicks
  • Provide Newsletter, Wellness contents, FAQs, Employee surveys/ feedback
  • Use of Health Risk Assessment tool & calculator to assess personal health
The information is personalized for each employee and is accessible both online through an employee web portal and on paper. The dynamic portal can be easily and frequently updated with new information.
Howden Benefits for Employers
The Benefits Portal allows employer to securely store all health and benefit insurance information in one central location online. This makes HR process simpler and easier at a click of a finger and empowering them with complete EB overview on:
  • Coverage across grades, policy provisions, CD balance statement
  • Enrollment and Deletion status, data analysis and customised reporting needs
  • Claim tracker complete with resolved, pending and rejected cases with reasons, minimizing human intervention and improving Turn Around Time on employee queries
  • Updated claims information at any given time resulting in timely provisions on internal budgets
Howden Benefits Added Value
Howden’s innovative, value added services stand out as truly unique in the insurance industry. As our partner we introduce our client to a wealth of services, tools and information that enhance our commitment to providing the latest in strategic planning, expertise, innovation and technology. It helps to,
  • Keep things simple
  • Streamlining HR operations, Increasing vertical’s operating efficiencies, adding convenience of accessibility
  • Simplifying their job so that they can focus on bottom line
  • Allowing HR to manage their department effectively - qualitatively wear many hats, that of recruiter, mediator, internal customer service agent, managing everyday tasks
  • Unique offering of consolidating benefit information in one online location regardless of number of providers
To use Howden Benefits
Click on Register Now link and follow the simple registration process. Once registered, you can access the portal from any part of the world, any time of the day.

You need Browser like Internet Explorer (version 7.0 or above), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

To give us feedback or if you face any issue with registration click on Contact Us link
Better Information Yields Better Decisions
Transparency in our service has lead to long term relationship with our clients – Our web Portal is a step further to our effort to maintain transparency!!
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